1.    What is unique about GigFunder?

GigFunder comprises a passionate group of people that believe in the value of art and strive to help people, wherever they are, to experience and connect with their art. GigFunder is the first place that fans can create campaigns to bring artists to their own cities.

2.    What is GigFunder?

GigFunder is a web service that supports a community of artists and fans. Fans want to see their favorite artists at live shows in their own cities and the artists want to tour. Using GigFunder, fans can create campaigns to bring artists all over the United States and support artists’ tours. In exchange, if a tour is successfully funded, fans will receive a wide range of awards from their favorite artists, like tickets to the shows or signed merchandise. These awards are specified by the artist and vary for every tour.

3.    What kind of artists should use GigFunder?

If you are an artist based in the United States and constantly have people asking you to come to their cities, GigFunder is the service for you!

Artists of any kind that have a touring live show can use GigFunder. This could mean bands, DJs, comedians, speakers, touring dance squads, or anything else. Surprise us!

There are a few kinds of artists that can’t or shouldn’t use GigFunder. Any tour promoting as illegal activity of any kind is not eligible for being promoted on the site.

4.    Why do all campaigns use all or nothing funding?

Nobody is charged anything until campaigns are fully-funded. There are a few reasons for this:

1.    It reduces risk for everyone. If you need $4,000 to get from Chicago to Los Angeles and end up raising only $3,000, that $1,000 missing may be the difference between a successful show and hitchhiking home. Fans only want to pledge if they are actually going to get to see you.

2.    There is an important time component associated with touring. Artists have a limited amount of time to plan tours, schedule shows, and fit the travel into their busy schedules. All campaigns are limited to 30-days to allow artists time between accepting money for a successful campaign, booking a show, and getting there.

3.    It motivates fans to share as quickly as possible. If fans want to see an artist live, they're going to spread the word.

5.    How much does GigFunder cost?

There are no hidden fees or costs. GigFunder primarily makes revenue from charging artists a success fee of 7% for every successful Campaign. Additionally, our payment processor, PayPal, charges about a 3% processing fee on each transaction. These costs are built into the price of the campaign to ensure that artists will raise the money needed for their tours. That’s it. No other costs to anyone ever.

6.    Where is GigFunder located?

We are located in the great city of Chicago.

7.    Why can only U.S. Based artists use GigFunder?

There are work visa-related issues associated with artists traveling across country lines. The relationship between each country is different, so to keep things simple for our launch, we have focused only on U.S. artists.

We understand how annoying it is if an artist you love is based in Toronto or Gothenburg and can never get over here. We are working to expand our reach as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience on this issue.

8.    How can I connect with GigFunder?

You can connect with us directly using our contact page or visiting our Facebook page, Twitter page, or the GigFunder blog.

9.    What happens to your money?

If your artist fails to reach their campaign pledge target, the fans are not charged a penny.

If the campaign is successful, the money for the tour goes straight to the artist, the success fee goes straight to GigFunder, and the payment processing fee goes straight to PayPal. GigFunder never holds or manages any of your money.

10.Do I have to have a PayPal account to raise or pledge money?

Yes. The way the site is designed, all fans and artists must have a PayPal account. This ensures that all money flows directly from the fans to the artists and provides a trusted third-party to process all payments.

If the campaign does not reach its pledge target, fans will not be charged anything.

11.Can I change my mind and withdraw my pledge?

Yes. You can cancel your pledge at any time before the campaign is closed.

12.  What if the artist cancels the show?

If the artist falls ill, is unable to make it due to weather or other extenuating circumstances, or breaks up, the artist is responsible for returning your money to you.

13.  What if the artist raises more money than they intended?

All money raised goes straight to the artist (with the exception of our Success Fee). The extra funds will allow the artists to support additional pre-paid tickets for the shows and send fans additional merchandise for pledge awards. Any additional funds can be used as the artists see fit, hopefully to make their stage show better for fans or perform other shows in other nearby towns on their tour!