1.    What information should I share on my tour page?

           After visiting your tour page, fans should have a clear sense of:

• When you are expecting to tour

• What awards they will receive for their pledges
• The identities of the people on your team or in your group (if you have one)

The more information you share, the more you will earn your fans’ trust.

2.    What is my responsibility for answering questions from fans?

People will reach out through the comments during the course of the tour with questions about your tour. These may range from queries on delivery dates of pledge awards to specific technical questions. These inquiries should be answered promptly and, in cases where other fans are asking the same information, publicly with a Tour Update and through your Tour Page. Transparency is vital on GigFunder.

3.    If I am unable to complete my tour, what should I do?

At all costs, you should try to fulfill your obligations to your fans if you have already accepted their money. Not fulfilling your promise to your fans damages your reputation and alienates your most fervent fans. It could even result in legal action on behalf of your fans.


With that said, if you simply must cancel your tour after it’s been funded for any reason, you must return the money raised to your fans immediately.