Oh No Oh My On The Road Again
Oh No Oh My
We want to play new songs for you...where you are located.
Tour date 10 Aug - 30 Sep, 2012
Artist base city Austin, TX
Age Limitations 18+
Artist links Website
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Now is your time to shine America! We're willing to go pretty much ANYWHERE to play a show, as long as there's people that want to hear us play. We've been quiet for awhile, but we have new songs and we're ready to show them to you in your city, and it all begins with you!

We pray for the day when teleportation is successfully integrated into the mainstream society. Yet, gas prices are still on the upward rise, and traversing the road in general has become pretty expensive. But with your fan powers combined (Captain Planet?) in vast numbers, you can put us back in the van and on the road headed to your house! Or the club down the road from your house, at least.

If you want us to come play in your town, just make a pledge and tell all your friends! There is power in numbers. Great power. Also responsibility (Spiderman).

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Pledge Awards
Pledge $1 or more
Get a download of our newest song!
Pledge $5 or more
Get an official "OHNOOH MY BEER" Coozy!
Pledge $5 or more
Get the next 5 ONOM songs/singles as we release digitally them in the upcoming months.
Pledge $8 or more
You get a digital copy of any one album/EP from our catalog. Music. For your ears.
Pledge $10 or more
1 ticket to our show when we come to your town!
Pledge $20 or more
2 Signed Albums and 1 EP in CD format mailed to you! We don't have to sign them, it's really up to you. We're good either way. Includes: People Problems (2011) Dmitrij Dmitrij (EP, 2008) Oh No! Oh My! (2006)
Pledge $20 or more
We'll mail you a 12" 33RPM vinyl copy of our latest album "People Problems". Includes a free download, too.
Pledge $20 or more
1 T-Shirt mailed to you and one digital album from our online store.
Pledge $20 or more
2 tickets to our show when we come to your town!
Pledge $35 or more
1 Ticket to our show and you get to choose one of the following from our merch table: -1 T-shirt + 1 12" LP -1 T-Shirt + 2 CD's - Every vinyl release we have (1 12 LP, 1 12" EP, 1 7" Single)
Pledge $150 or more
2 tickets to a show of your choice + We'll record and videotape any song of your choice, and send you a digital version along with a DVD and CD in the mail (if you so desire). WOW! We reserve the right arrange the song to fit whatever creative whims we're feeling at the moment, but THE OPTIONS ARE LIMITLESS.
Limited Award! (Only 15 of 15 remaining)
Pledge $200 or more
2 tickets + request any song from our own catalog you like (before we leave for tour, so we can rehearse it if need be), and we'll add it to our set-list the night of the show in your city! What a steal!
Pledge $400 or more
You and up to 3 other people will be personally wined and dined by the members of ONOM before the show when we're in your city. We'll dazzle, delight, and entertain you with our stimulating dinner table conversation, to be sure. Restaurant choice open for discussion! We're pretty flexible. Then follow us back over to show (entry included) for good times and music for all!
Limited Award! (Only 10 of 10 remaining)