15 Aug - 2 Sep, 2012
Planted Tour
Cowgill is aching to get out of Boston, and you can help!
Tour date 15 Aug - 2 Sep, 2012
Artist base city Boston, MA
Age Limitations 18+
Artist links Website
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The Planted Tour will be the first real tour we've ever done - sure, we've played outside of Boston in a few other cities, but to put a full-on tour together, we need some moneys.

I know, I know, you're probably thinking, "Wait, isn't this the band that just had a successful Kickstarter campaign?  And now they want more of my money???"  Short answer - Yes.  Long answer - We already spent all the money we made through Kickstarter to record the songs, to get them mixed, to get them mastered, to hire a publicist to help us get the word out, and to purchase the Kickstarter rewards like T-shirts and physical CDs to give to our backers.

We're not trying to raise nearly as much money through here as we did to record Side One of Planted, but we do need a few hundred dollars for each city so we can be sure we won't be losing money after having driven thousands of miles all around the country to play a show every night.

So, that's why we need you to buy your tickets ahead of time!  Check out the rewards, and let's get this thing off the ground!

Each city will have a SEPARATE campaign, so as soon as a campaign for your city begins, be sure to tell all of your local friends before your city’s 30 day campaign ends!  Use those “Tweet” and “Recommend on Facebook” buttons!  Otherwise we might have to wait until our next tour to rock out with you guys, and none of us want that.

Thanks for helping to get the word out!  Here goes nothing.

-Cowgill (Paul, Mike, Dan, Leeann, Ryan, & Joe)

Open Campaigns
Location Funding Goal % Funded Days left
Chicago, IL $531 100% Funding Successful!
Pledge Awards
Pledge $15 or more
The Pay for What You Get Pledge - One ticket to our show in your city
Pledge $25 or more
The With a Little Help from My Friends Pledge - Two tickets to our show in your city
Pledge $40 or more
The Party in the USA Pledge - FOUR tickets to our show in your city (we're guessing you're planning on bringing some friends)
Pledge $40 or more
The Take Me Home Tonight Pledge - Two tickets to our show in your city AND one signed copy of Side One of Planted
Pledge $100 or more
The Center of Attention Pledge - Two tickets to our show in your city AND you both can come on stage to contribute handclaps when we perform our song "The King of Wales"
Pledge $200 or more
The Control Freak on a Leash Pledge - Two tickets to our show in your city AND we'll learn a cover song of your choice and play it during the show