Benefits for Artists
“If your ship doesn't come in, swim out to meet it.”
Jonathan Winters
  • Very few artists are lucky enough to be discovered by playing to their own local audience.
  • You have to hustle.
  • You have to be passionate about spreading your creativity.
  • You have to engage your fans.
To do that, you have to surprise and delight your fans.
  • Touring is expensive though.
  • It's difficult to engage your fans just using the internet.
  • If you really want to grow your fan base,
  • you have to get on the road and build relationships.
Well, that's why we created GigFunder
Here are some of the reasons GigFunder rocks:

Surprise and delight your fans.

  • Engage fans in the tour planning process. Go where your fans want you to go.
  • Surprise fans by shifting the decision making power to them.

Get on the road sooner.

  • No need to save up for months to plan a short tour with uncertainty about your ticket sales.
  • Contact venues to book shows in other cities with tickets already presold.

Minimize your financial risk.

  • If your fans raise enough money to get you to a show, you play it. If they don't, you and your fans don't lose a thing.
  • No more worries about not having enough money to get home or sleeping in the van because you can't afford a cheap motel.
  • Receive a pre-made budget for each of your funded campaigns.

Build your fan base.

  • It's surprising how effective passionate fans can be about getting the word out when you make yourself available.
  • Tour to cities you never thought you'd get to play and play for people who never would have seen you otherwise.

Know your fans.

  • Meet your biggest fans face-to-face in their own cities.
  • Understand where your biggest fans are, even if the campaign isn't funded.